I was looking for an activity that could help me with flexibility, balance and cognitive skills. Bojutsu has given me that and more. It can be a very physical workout or a meditative time by doing it slowly. Tom is a skilled instructor and very enthusiastic in helping others learn at their own pace. I look forward to class every week. It's fun.

- Cheri Shaw

Mailing Address: RYO BOJUTSU
MN - 55419
Email: info@bojutsu.org

The dojos in Perpignan, Paris and Minneapolis are all members of Asahi Dojo International Association. To learn more, visit the following web sites: www.tekishinryu.com or www.tanigawaha.webs.com. Or you can email us at info@bojutsu.org

Christian Saguer, Ki-Gawa Renshi, began studying martial arts as a teenager in 1982. He is a seventh degree black belt now teaching bojutsu, aiki-yawara, ken-jutsu and yoin taiso. He is considered by many to be the leading staff instructor in Europe.

Catherine Larue, nidan, began studying the staff in the 1980s in Montpellier, France. In 1993, her employer transferred her to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she began teaching at the North Star Martial Arts studio.

Thomas Cothran, nidan, began studying bojutsu in 1996 under Catherine Larue. He has also studied tai chi and is a brown belt (1st kyu) aikido student. He has led the Ryo Bojutsu club since 2004.